[Release] Mousou One-Room Ch4

Title: Mousou One-Room | One-Room Delusion | 妄想ワンルーム | Even a Puppy Becomes an Adult
Author/Artist: Umiyuki Lily
Rating: PG

Summary: Shii and Nagi are childhood friends who share a strong bond. Along the way, Shii’s started to develop some feelings towards Nagi since he’s become cuter and cuter. However, he can’t just let Nagi know his true feelings since he’s four years older and, not to mention, Nagi’s just an innocent child in his eyes! Can Shii eventually express his own feelings? And is Nagi really the innocent child Shii’s always thought he is?

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Note: Okay, so… we actually released this chapter before as oneshot like 2 years ago or so (that time,  we didn’t know it will become part of the Mousou One-Room manga) but we decided to scanlate this chapter again cause the first version looks bad. We will also rescanlate the other 2 continuation of this chapter (which is chapter 5 and 6 of this manga).


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