[Release] Mousou One-Room Ch6

Title: Mousou One-Room | One-Room Delusion | 妄想ワンルーム | A Puppy’s Dream of Being an Adult
Author/Artist: Umiyuki Lily
Rating: R

Summary: After confirming their feelings for each other, Shii and Nagi have officially became lovers. However, Nagi just can’t ignore the fact that Shii is 4 years older than him. Anxiety comes between the two as Nagi attempts to lessen the gap by trying to take the relationship to the next level whilst Shin wants to take it at a slower pace. Will light shine upon these two lovebirds ? Can they shake off all the unnecessary things and try to be honest with each other?

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Note: Next chapter is the last (extra chapter)!!! ι(// `-´///)/


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