[Release] Mousou One-Room Extra

Title: Mousou One-Room | One-Room Delusion | 妄想ワンルーム
Author/Artist: Umiyuki Lily
Rating: PG

Summary: I’m gonna stay with the super famous porn manga artist, Arikawa Sunao…?!

Mizuho, a guy who spent his days living off his girlfriend, has been dumped; leaving him penniless, homeless and to top it all off, jobless. He visits his childhood friend’s place to ask for help, and when there, meets his elder brother, Arikawa Sunao – the super popular porn manga artist! To Mizuho’s pleasant surprise, he offers to let him stay over for the time being. But Arikawa keeps sexually harassing him, saying that Mizuho is his material for work?!

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: extra

Ch1-6 + Extra: mediafire || mega (or download of whole volume)

Note: Last chapter! Finally, finished another series. Hope you enjoyed it! (//´/◒/`//) Also, again, anyone who has the tankobon scans of LOVE&HATE (baka-updates), please contact us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com. Thanks!

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