[Release] Shiawase ni Narunosa! Ch3

Title: Shiawase ni Narunosa! | We Will Find Happiness for Sure! | 幸せになるのさ!
Author/Artist: Kumonosuke
Rating: PG

Summary: Komatsu lent money to a friend but was betrayed and abandoned by that same person. After drinking to drown his sorrow, he attempts to get home. On his way, he meets Ayumu drinking alone in a park. Ayumu was dumped by his lover, and what’s more, the one dumped him was a boy! After this fateful encounter brings Ayumu and Komatsu together, their love for each other begins to sprout and little by little, their love grows stronger and stronger.

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Note: Day 25 phew. Anyway (again), whoever has the tankobon scans of LOVE&HATE (baka-updates), please contact us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com. Thanks!


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