[Release] So Cute? Ch1


Title: So Cute? | ソーキュート?
Author/Artist: Yukimura
Rating: R

Summary: Morizono is a wine dealer. His daily routine consists of taking pictures of Mon-chan, his beloved cat, to post on the blog and harbouring an unrequited love for Onodera, the chef of an Italian restaurant he’s currently working with. As per usual, he goes to the restaurant today but Onodera happened to find out that he’s the one running Mon-chan’s blog and there goes their fast approach!

When he thinks that his chance has come ‘cause he never expected that Onodera would visit his house to meet Mon-chan, he realizes that he loves him so much that he can’t bring himself to confess!!

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Note: This manga is actually a compilation of oneshots, So Cute? being the main story. We actually already did the other oneshot before, Mata Kite Shikaku (which is ch4 &5 in the manga), and that time, we thought it was only a oneshot. But it turns out it has a tankobon. Now, we decided to pick up the whole volume instead so we’re releasing the first chapter.

Also,  (belated and advance) Happy Birthday to Emycraybaeplay and Shione!!!


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    #Happy Birthday to Emy, craybaeplay and Shione!!!

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    Happy Birthday Emy, Craybaeplay and Shione!!!

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  13. This chapter is so cute my nose’s ’bout to bleed LOL. Thanks a lot for bringing us another project, and happy birthday for our lovely trifecta! Wish yoy guys all the best ^^

  14. Thank you very much for new chapter, I love Yukimura’s works 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your lovely team members Shione, Emy and craybaeplay!!~)

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  23. Thank you very much and belated happy birthday to Emy, craybaeplay and Shione.

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