[Release] So Cute? Ch4-5

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Title: So Cutte? | Mata Kite Shikaku
Author/Artist: Yukimura
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Ever since losing his parents, Nozomu has been living happily with his big brother, Yu and Yu’s lover, Mitsuo. And while he truly wishes for the both of them to be happy, he has trouble suppressing his own feelings for his brother’s lover…

When a man named Ichiya appears and claims to be Mitsuo’s supposedly dead half-brother, are their happy lives about to crumble?!


chapter 4: mediafire || mega
chapter 5: mediafire || mega

Read Online: chapter 4 || chapter 5

Note: Ahh… we’re actually supposed to release this together with our anniversary releases before but we didn’t make it. So I decided to release this now as a celebration for our new site. Haha oh well! Hope you’ll enjoy this!


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