[Release] Ten Count Paper Collection Extra


Title: Ten Count | 10 Count | テンカウント
Author/Artist: Takarai Rihito
Rating: PG

Summary: When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?

Read Online: chapter 6.3

Note: This is only a one-page extra that came out around volume 1 was released I think. Anyway, one of those extras that is hard to find. :3c


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  1. Thank you, it’s so cute. Is there a translation on the extra chapter about penguin souvenirs? (during the date at the aquarium world)

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