[Release] Utsukushii Yasai Ch2

Title: Utsukushii Yasai | The Beautiful Greenness | 美しい野菜
Author/Artist: Matsumoto Miecohouse
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Tarou is a 31-year-old no-good writer who has never cooked his own food and been living an unhealthy life. One day, he meets an energetic greengrocer, Haruki, and they both ended up drinking at his house. Getting drunk, Tarou unconsciously says naughty things which makes Haruki lose his control. Although Tarou is supposed to be straight, he becomes loose after being fucked. After that, they keep a physical relationship but Haruki notices that Tarou has a masochistic side so he starts to attack Tarou sweetly and sadistically…?

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Note: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I’ll make this one short. Was really too busy this month so I can only prepare this for our Christmas release… sorry :’D I’ll make it up next year!!! And thanks to Secret Obsession for the cleans! Have a nice day everyone! (*´o`*)


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