If you want to re-translate our project in another language, please read the RULES first then send us a message with the following format.



Why retranslation groups should include our credit page when they only asked for the “translation”?

Well a whole chapter is possible not because of the “translation” only but because it went to these steps:

scans > translation > proofread > clean > typesetting > quality check

A scanlated chapter is not a work of the translator alone but because a lot of people worked on it. Even if you are not gonna use our scans, the translation was possible because of the person who scanned it.


We’re totally fine if retranslation teams ask for permission to retranslate our projects in their own language (well one title per language though). But it is common courtesy that retranslation teams should use their own raws. Or if they don’t have the raws, they can ask us for the scanner’s contact information so they can ask permission themselves for the raws. Or simply buy their own book.

First off, we put a lot of effort in finding Japanese raws or purchasing them ourselves if needed. Then we look for Japanese translators who are willing to do them. By taking our released scans, retranslation groups who used our released scans without permission have completely skipped these two steps which I think are the important steps of scanlations. Actually 3 steps, because they didn’t really clean the scans but just erased the English text. It was our cleaners/redrawers who did the hardest part of the cleaning. They leveled, dusted, rotated, cropped, straightened and redrew them.

3. We won’t provide you raws, therefore you need to find it yourself or ask the original scanner. Ask us if you need our help in contacting the scanner.

4. We only allow one language per title. If you want to do that title so badly then propose a joint project with the group who asked us first, that is if they’re interested.

5. Please send the finished title to us because we are curious minions.

6. Do not ask for retranslation for title/series that haven’t released yet.

7. Do not try to use our translation without our permission in any form!



Group Name :
Your Website:
Your Language:

Send to it canismajor.scans@gmail.com with the subject: Retranslation (Title of the Manga – Language)


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