[Updates] Need CLEANERS and TYPESETTERS!!!


We are seriously in need of RELIABLE CLEANERS and TYPESETTERS (especially cleaners).

But first, please think about carefully if you really want to join. We already had some members who joined but suddenly went missing-in-action without even messaging us. Not to mention, it was their first work but *poof*.

We do train cleaners with no experience, but we prefer if you already have experience and know how to dust and redraw properly to save more time.

We have so many finished scripts already like Ichi Ni no San!, Kyoudai no Rule, Kachou Fuugetsu (Volume 2), Hizumu Sankaku Hodokete Karamu, Hakuchuu no Boukun Mayonaka no Shihaisha, Utsukushii Yasai, Hitorijime Boyfriend, Shiawase ni Naru no Sa!Shuden Elegy, etc. The translations are almost done (and some are complete already) but not enough cleaners/typesetters/editors.

For typesetters, we only accept people with experience at the moment.

Japanese translators are still welcome!

Please, please help us release more! If you can’t join, please spread the word instead. 🙂

Interested people, please check our recruitment page and take the test or email us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com

Thank you!!!

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